Revolutionize your Kitchenware Assortment with Unique Innovations

Innovations in kitchenware have revolutionized the way consumers perform everyday tasks in the kitchen. We are continually expanding our assortment with multi-function design pieces, unique tooling, and patented IP that bring value and delight to customers. With over 40 different innovations available, retailers and distributors can offer an ever-changing selection to their customers.

You need a point of difference. You need value. You need Fresh Choice Plus.

Benefit from designs that bring value, multi-functionality, and a point of difference

All our unique products are developed from an award-winning design and development process that has consistently produced best sellers for brands and retailers globally.

With Fresh Choice Plus, consumers benefit from significant value – A fantastic consumer experience, Multi-functionality all at a competitive price.

Our innovations maximise profit per square foot through its value to the consumer. These products offer great trade up opportunities at point of purchase.  

You can benefit from an ever-growing assortment of unique products that will give you a point of difference

Our Garlic Press increased a retailer’s revenue by over 5 times

Our innovative Garlic Press allows a consumer to crush multiple cloves of garlic without making a mess of the countertop and have smelly hands.

A Retailer with 3000 doors replaced their existing off-the-shelf garlic press with ours. They increased the retail price by 20% and saw a more than 3-fold increase in volume.

Fresh Choice Plus is backed with Point Of Sale Marketing

Fresh Choice packaging is modern, vibrant and eye-catching. Designed to both stand out on fixture and appeal to consumers.  

Exclusive Fresh choice innovations with added functionality and value are further supported with Plus labelling, clear features, and benefit call outs and QR codes linking direct to informative video content. These lines offer great trade up opportunity at point of purchase.  

Award Winning Design