Planogram planning is essential as a planogram serves as a crucial element of category management solutions on shelves and displays – ultimately guiding and directing consumers to products and acts as a profit maximizing tool.

Here at Fresh Choice, we have over 60 years of experience aiding Brands and Retails in planning an effective store layout and have learnt the importance of a planogram which is a crucial element of category management.

By meticulously crafting a well-designed planogram, retailers and distributors acquire valuable insights into product performance, efficient space allocation and maximizing profit per square foot.

Retailers can identify top-selling kitchenware, determine optimal shelving dimensions, and strategically plan around seasonal and special promotional displays, thus ensuring heightened visibility at key moments and increased sales.

Benefits of a Kitchenware Planogram

  • Bolstering sales: Ensuring prominent display of popular and high-margin products to drive sales.
  • Efficient space utilization: Determining optimal space allocation for each kitchenware section, facilitating effective product assortment on shelves and hooks.
  • Streamlined inventory management: Acquiring extensive product details and optimal stocking quantities to minimize stockouts, excess inventory, and waste, enhancing operational efficiency.
  • Strategic seasonal and promotional planning: Facilitating impactful presentation of seasonal and promotional items during events like Thanksgiving, Easter and Pancake Day to captivate customer interest.
  • Enhanced customer experience: Guiding customers through the store for an enjoyable shopping journey, fostering loyalty and repeat visits.

So, the benefits are clear… but how do you do it? Here is our 5 Step Guide.

1. Define Your Key Objectives

To achieve optimal results, prioritize an effortless customer journey through their store visit.

  • Analyze sales data to discern customer preferences, deliberately showcasing your best sellers and innovative product (click here to see our range of innovative products), that give you that point of difference, at eye level.
  • Enhance sales opportunities by cross selling through clip strips. For example, place a clip strip of Garlic Presses along with your Garlic.
  • Leverage the power of visual appeal by designing captivating and engaging displays, utilizing colors to attract customer attention.
  • Purposefully position highly sought-after items such as your patented or award-winning gadgets and cookware towards the rear of the store, enticing customers to explore exciting offerings and special promotions along their route.
  • Create multiple eye-catching impulse floor display stations throughout the store, directing customers towards desired items while encouraging additional spontaneous purchases.

2. Select The Right Merchandise

When choosing the type and brands of kitchenware merchandise to stock in your store, it is essential to conduct thorough research on various products and market trends.

The range of products you offer will define your target audience and the image you will project. For example, consider whether you aim to provide a selection of utensils that combine quality and value or focus on versatile cookware sets tailored to different cultural cuisines. Once you have identified your desired kitchenware products, it is crucial to determine the most effective way to display them for maximum sales potential.

Avoid limiting yourself to specific sales opportunities. Instead, strive for a balanced mix of well-known brands and off-brands, incorporating both high-value essential, multifunctional and innovative items to offer customers a wide range of choices across different categories.

Developing a strong relationship with your suppliers is crucial. They have a vested interest in supporting you with your product selections and typically serve multiple store chains, so can be a vital source of intel and category management expertise. Successful sales with their products will encourage future collaborations and ongoing partnerships.

At Fresh Choice, we partner with our distribution and retail partners where they rely on us the full category management solution – planning to supply.

3. Design the Layout

  • Group products based on functionality, such as microwave cooking, bakeware, and food storage, to establish distinct zones that facilitate easy navigation for customers.
  • Position high-demand products at eye level and in high-traffic areas, utilizing cross selling techniques to encourage upselling.
  • Pay attention to the vibrant colors needed to create visually appealing displays.
  • Devise bespoke promotional programs tailored for key major seasonal periods, showcasing them clearly at the forefront of your store.
  • Ensure a logical product sequence that aligns with customer buying behaviors
  • Optimize all available space, incorporating clip strips and strategically placed counter display units (CDUs) to maximize product visibility and amplify sales efficacy

4. Research Successful Planograms

Do not be afraid to be inspired by others.

Numerous exemplary kitchenware planograms exist, offering beneficial insights. Engage in detailed research to discover a style that resonates with your vision. While avoiding direct replication. Strive to emulate and customize the chosen planogram to create a unique representation that embodies your retail chains essence.

For example, Tesco provides brands with comprehensive access to their expertly curated planograms. Similarly, Kroger leverages digital tools to enhance customer convenience in locating desired products.


Fresh Choice’s planograms serve as a prime exemplar, showcasing an exquisite and aesthetically refined presentation of kitchenware products.

5. Test & Refine Your Planogram

Once your kitchenware planogram is crafted, it is crucial to tweak and make necessary adjustments, as initial iterations may not yield optimal results. Put yourself in the customer’s perspective and mentally navigate your retail store, noting areas for improvement.

Utilizing focus groups and closely monitoring their feedback, along with sales data analysis, can provide useful insights. Embrace a trial-and-error approach, persistently refining the planogram until the most effective version is attained.


Crafting a planogram and designing the layout for your kitchen retail store can be a daunting yet indispensable task. This simple 5 step guide should empower you to create a truly immersive and distinctive experience. This will captivate and inspire your customers to come back.

It is crucial to consider the customer’s journey from the moment they step foot into your store until the moment they depart, ensuring a memorable shopping experience.

At Fresh Choice, we build planograms and category management solutions for grocery and mass market retailers worldwide. Our expertise spans across nine distinct houseware categories, providing over 400 SKUs ready to go to enhance your retail store layout and deliver an exceptional brand experience.

Contact us today to discover how we can assist you further.